Follow this Article if you have to decide a 100% you need to move on from this person or break up Completely, and no matter what may happen tomorrow, no force on this planet will make you get back with her. When you want to Move on from any Person or break up Completely, you must follow this 25 steps list.

Now, in case you haven’t decided yet, read this article first, it is made precisely for the reason to help you get rid of any inner conflicts.

Step 1: Cut all Ties

Cut her off completely from your life.

Step 2: Accept that you are never getting back.

Accept that you are never getting back. If your ex-didn’t care about you, when your ex-was in a relationship with you, your ex wouldn’t care about you now. So stop expecting. It is only hopeless but self-detrimental.

Step 3: No Compromise

Stop bargaining with your mind. If you discuss making compromises in your head, know that such commitments are directed towards the death of your self-respect, self-esteem, and your individuality.

Step 4: Mind VS Feelings

Constantly get in a debate in your head when you start missing her. It’s a discussion between your mind and your emotions. Start using logic. Think of 10 major problems you had with her as a girlfriend and as a person. I guarantee you, by the time you are at reason no.5, you’d be like, “thank god, I am not with this person anymore.”

Step 5: Make Lists

Make a list of all things you disliked about her. Be brutally honest.

Step 6: List opportunities you come across.

Make a list of all the opportunities you come across, the things you could have done but couldn’t. Because the presence of that person somehow contributed significantly to the opposite direction.

Step 7: Girls you met in your life.

Make a list of all the girls you have met in your life who are smarter, more sensible, and nicer than her.

Step 8: Join the GYM

Adhere to the gym today. You are dealing with self-hatred. You are partially blaming yourself. So destroy self-hatred by self-betterment.

Get into 100 days program, so you don’t lose motivation, get lazy, and give up. Each day you go to the gym, you make progress equivalent to 1%. So 100 days means 100%. If you miss a day, you take 1% off.

Do this religiously and take pictures every weekend so that you can keep track of your progress.

Step 9: Appreciate Love Around You

Enjoy the people in your life who have always been there for you. Call your mom and have a conversation with her for at least 15 minutes daily. Why?

Because right now you feel unloved, without realizing that there are people who love you unconditionally, and will do anything for you. Understand and accept that all this while, you have been appreciating love coming from the wrong person.


Tell your friends directly that you need their help to move on. Don’t get into any emotional details. Just give them directions: they need to accompany you to the gym, be a part of your 100 days journey. Tell them it’s their job to make sure you don’t miss a single day. It’s their job to stop you immediately the moment you mention your ex and are about to share your feelings about the whole experience.


Let out your pain whenever it hits you. Secure a corner, throw away the phone because that will be the time your brain stops working and you might end up calling that person.

Secure a safe spot and cry as long as you want to. There is nothing unmanly about tears. After crying, you will feel much better and happy.


Don’t listen to any romantic songs. Don’t get manipulated into feeling something. Feel only when it comes from the inside.


Stop talking about your ex. By telling every person you meet your tragic love story, you are only clicking the refresh button. They are going to sympathize with you for a moment, and then leave.

You will be the one thinking about her for the rest of your day, getting tortured.


Reconnect with people from your past and make efforts to meet new people. If you are at your workplace, strike up conversations with your colleagues.

Since they are not personal friends and know jack-things about your life, they will be talking about offices, or ramble about the boss, or even tell you some funny stories.

The point is, in relationships, people don’t feel the inclination to invite more to people in their lives as they live in the illusion of completeness.


Keep yourself engaged when you are alone. For example, let’s say you take the metro to work every day. You don’t have to sit there idly for 20 minutes because the foremost thing going in your head is the recent tragedy.

So read a book, not necessarily a novel. Pick a book on your favorite subject or your area of interest. It will not only keep you occupied but increase your knowledge. If you drive, listen to audio books.


You need to realize one simple fact: to be complete; you don’t need another person.


Get as many crushes as you can. Fill up Your folder, not with porn, but with real celebrity crushes. Watch their interviews, fall in love with them, check out their pictures, admire their beauty.

Since they are celebrities, your mind knows the love you feel is not real, so they serve as excellent distractions. The reason behind doing this is, you appreciate beauty. Right now, the only definition of beauty you have started and ended with this person.

So to finish that, you will have to see how much beauty there is in this world. Look at all Victoria’s secret models. The pop stars, actresses, go out as much as you can and just look at people until finally, you have understood the fact there are just way too many beautiful people in the world.

Your ex is just another person. The same exercise will also help rid of the sexual fixation you have with her.


Travel. Go on trips. By visiting, you see so much of the world unknown to you, which introduces to you the insignificance of your existence. In any other situation, such an observation would be construed as pretty dark, morose and cynical, but in your position, that’s exactly what you need to experience. Your world revolves around this person right now.

In the face of thousands of individuals from different walks of life, you realize how insignificant your problem is; and that will consequently make you feel much better.


Accept that you are addicted to this person. Like every addict on this planet, to conquer the addiction you first have to recognize and accept the disease.

You spent days and months continuously around this person. And in a moment, she is gone. So most of the feelings that you are confusing with love are your mind trying to deal with this unexpected change.

You have associated satisfaction with the presence of this person, Now in her absence, you are unsatisfied, which gives birth to stress.


Alcohol is not solutions. On the contrary, It’s only going to make things worse. Avoid consuming alcohol at all costs. Also, you are dealing with stress. Do not for a second think smoking cigarettes is the solution.

Do not get into this habit solely for the reason that you are doing for ages, or you think smoking is not the intelligent thing to do at this point.

It is going to cause harm your face, your health, your energy, your lungs, your heart, and is socially a highly unpleasant activity. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. You are already fighting an addiction right now, no need to add more.


You will wonder because you miss her so much, it’s true love. Well, again, because she is an addiction right now, your brain is demanding immediate and momentary satisfaction, so what it does is, it removes all the unpleasantness and focuses only on the beautiful memories.

It’s typical addict behavior when a smoker quits smoking; the brain gives all kinds of reasoning so you would smoke just once more.

And it never ends. Which is why it’s critical for everyone to follow the first six steps of this list.


Because moving on is a journey and not a switch, you’d have to keep yourself busy. Start watching TV shows that are in reality theme based, not stupid romantic comedies about six white people falling in love with each other.

There are great comedy shows, such as community, parks and recreation, the office, Louie. Watch animated shows, south parks, family guy, rick and morty, Bojack horseman, futurama, the list is very long.

Watch drama, crime, superhero shows, anything. Your six months will pass comfortably, and you would have gained a lot of self-control while having suffered the least amount of suffering.


Be patient. It is going to be very hard. Whenever you start to lose control and panic, start watching an episode of south-park, take a nap, visit your friends, go for a run.

One thing is that you have to accept, regardless of how focused you are, how determined you are to moving on, such moments will come that will destroy your mental state and make you want to do the stupidest things you are going to regret later.

However, the best part about these moments is, they pass. They don’t stay for too long. They are just mood swings. So when these moments come, don’t be surprised.


Take a pledge of changing your life and taking it to heights that are beyond your comfort zone. To completely move on, you have to be glad that you are not with that person anymore.

And to feel that, your life has to be in a must better position than it was with her. So write

five target statements.

A goal statement means five unbelievably awesome things I am going to achieve or own the end of this year, or in 12 months.

And they have to be five. For example,

(I will be earning 10,000$ per month, I will be in best shape of my life, I will read 20 books, I will learn a new language, I will learn how to play an instrument, I will buy this particular car, I will go on trip to Italy on my dime)

Write five outrageously challenging statements, put them on your wall, and commit to achieving them at any cost. You are doing this all of this for yourself, not for this persons, not to show off, not to rub it in her face.


Doing this for self-respect and love is a new chapter in your life with a much better, modified, experienced, wise, determined version of you. Do it for self-respect and self-love.

Now, this article is not only for people who have had a break-up, but this is also for everybody who has faced rejection in their past, can’t get over an obsession, or has love problems – regardless of your gender.

So, without question, share it with everyone. This article is about mending the broken threads and bettering your life.