I am Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Animals Created by Science.
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10Mouse with an Ear on its back

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with an ear on its back
Okay, so let’s get crazy at number 10 – we have a Mouse with an Ear on its back!
Scientists in Japan grew a human ear on the back of a rat.
The ear was made from human cartilage taken from a rib cage and grown with the purpose
of being a replacement body part for people with deformities.
Doctors in the UK have managed to grow a nose on a human arm, which is kinda cool, but an
ear on a rat back sees pretty cruel…as I am assuming once that ear is ready it is
curtains for Mr. Rat.


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GloFish Imagine patenting a fish!
Well the term Glo Fish is patented and trademarked and the product, if you will, is a fluorescent
Colours include electric green, sunburst orange, moonrise pink, Starfire red, cosmic blue and
galactic purple.
Who names these!
GloFish are owned by Yorktown Technologies and they achieved their brightly colored
fish by inserting a gene.
They are currently the only genetically modified animal to be sold in the USA.

8Sudden Death Mosquitos

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Sudden Death Mosquitos
Sudden Death Mosquitos How fun do these sound….oh, right, not at
Luckily, the sudden death part isn’t actually aimed at us humans.
Sudden Death Mosquitos were developed to kill mosquitos, not us.
The insects were created to try and stem spread of Dengue Fever.
The world health organization said that, as things were in 2012, half of the population
of the planet was at risk of contracting Dengue.
So…enter the sudden death mosquito – a breed of the insect that is either sterile,
or unable to produce healthy offspring, therefore lowering the numbers of infectious mosquitos
out there.

7Super Salmon

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Super Salmon
Super Salmon SUPER Blooming salmon!
Actually known as AquAdvantage Salmon are genetically modified HUGE salmon, with an
added growth hormone.
The modified fish grows to full market size in half the time it takes natural salmon.
Concerns have been raised as to the ethics of this practice and also to the possibility
that these fish would swim out to unobserved waters and out-compete natural wild salmons.

6Micro Pigs In China

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Micro Pigs In China
Micro Pigs In China, scientists genetically engineered
teeny tony pigs with the purpose of selling them as pets.
They are also working on the ability to provide custom ordered pigs too, where customers can
choose their coat color and what patterns they have.

5See-through Frog

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See-through Frog
See-through Frog!
There are also see-through fish out there!
The see-through frog was created in 2007 so that scientists could allow for research to
take place without dissection.
The Japanese scientists hope that the see-through skin will allow for observation of
organs and blood vessels.
Researchers sometimes inject the frog with fluorescent markers to observe what is happening
in their bodies.
For me, it is crazy that you can see an animal’s heart pump through its skin!

4Featherless Chicken

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Featherless Chicken
Featherless Chicken This makes me feel really sad, Featherless
chickens have only been developed for the sole purpose of poultry farming.
Developed in 2002, the birds created at the Hebrew University in Israel were designed
to save money for chicken farmers who would not need to pluck these birds.
Critics of the creation say that this is unfair to chickens, who will enjoy a lower quality
of life, more prone to sunburn as well as more likely to suffer in colder climates.
Basically, these sad bald chickens were just created to feed us and that is it.

3Dolly the Clone Sheep

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Dolly the Clone Sheep
Dolly the Clone Sheep Dolly was cloned from a cell and planted into
a surrogate ewe.
Dolly was named as such because the cells used to clone her were taken from a sheep’s
mammary glands, with the owner saying there are no more impressive mammaries than those
owned by Dolly Patron.
Dolly died shortly before turning 7, which was young for sheep.
Some scientists speculate this is because the sheep she was cloned from was 6 years
old, meaning she could have been born with adult cells.

2Glow in the dark cats

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Glow in the dark cats
Glow in the dark cats Okay, soooo, these glow in the dark cat’s fight
Which…yeah..that is a sentence I didn’t think U would say today.
In 2011, Scientists genetically modified cats, inserting one gene into them that helps them
resist feline aids.
They also inserted a glow in the dark protein called GFP, because, why not!
The GFP protein is found in jellyfish and scientists used it in the cats to make it
easy to spot the altered genes.
Not only these cats the literal cutest, they are also helping further research into stopping

1Human Pig

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Human Pig
Human Pig Oh my goodness!
In January 2017, Scientists successfully injected a pig embryo with human cells.
The reasoning behind it is because scientists are experimenting with ways to grow organs
in order to meet demands for transplants.
The team at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego have called the new species
chimera – which means an organism that contains cells from two different species.
This is the first time a human Chimera has been created, previous versions include a
rat and mouse hybrid.
So that was the top 10 animals created by science.
Do you think scientists should be making animals or should we leave nature
to itself?