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Phillip Island’s Popular Attraction:

Adore the Penguins Parade

The pitter-patter of little feet draws locals and visitors into a special treat of an experience that is Phillip Island’s Penguin parade. Colonies and colonies of cute penguins paddle their way right into your hearts on their way to find their land nests and partners. At every sunset, hundreds of people gather in the amphitheatres under the complex housing the viewpoints from where to admire these cuddly creatures’ and do cosy up your trip to the Phillip Island with some time to be enticed by, quite honestly, the cutest penguins in the world.

Penguin Parade

Summerland Beach is the main tiered viewing area offering a magical 180-degree view of these little fellas from elevated timber boardwalks. Bring your family and be prepared to wait for quite a while for penguins to return to the beach from a day of fishing. Watching them sway their way to the coast with their flapper friends following them to the burrows on the beach where words fail to capture the magic of the actual sighting.

Penguins Plus

Popular pathway to catch these flightless birds in their natural is the Penguins Pass, seating 300 people. Listen to the educated ranger commentary on the lives of these little penguins as you gawk at their paddling feet plopping across the beach. A great penguin viewing spot offers viewers an up-close look at the penguins with a natural setting inspired by the surroundings.

Underground Viewing

Imagined looking at these furry little flappers eye-to-eye? Here’s your chance at the special Underground Viewing experience at Phillip Island. Exclusive and extraordinary is the experience of having a glass window separating one from little penguins in their natural habitat. Comfortable because of the closed quarters, this brilliant viewing point allows only 70 people at a time to enjoy the world-first establishment.

Penguin VIP Tour

The VIP tour is as elite as it gets with a viewing tower standing tall in the Penguin Parade. Elevated is the feeling of sighting these paddlers and from an elevated viewpoint, the exclusive viewing is restricted to 10 people per evening. Rave about these remarkable birds with a ranger and help in ongoing research at Phillip Island by counting the penguins stumbling ashore.

Ultimate Penguin Tour

Ultimate is the terminology aptly describing the first-class viewpoint and all-round intimate wild experience. Personalized and optimized to assist a group of 10 every evening with ranger commentary running across the board informing visitors’ on the lives of little penguins. Treat yourself to this wholesome tour and waddle along the secluded beach, with the help of night-vision, to observe the furry fellas in person.

Behind the Scenes Tour

Do not miss out on this tour;  delve into the world of the caretakers of these cute birds, the rangers, and learn about their daily activities and wisen up on tips for the best penguin spotting on the island.  Don the warm penguin jumper that comes with the tour while grabbing some cuddly souvenirs to remember this magical tour on penguins’ lives back home.

Let these adorable waddlers woo you and your family on your trip to Phillip Island by picking one of the many packages offering a range of diverse perspectives on the penguins’ nocturnal activities.’s Australia tour packages integrate this marvellous event to enthral visitors and the sound of happy feet on the sand makes you “smile and wave” at these adorable flapping birds.

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