Italy’s doctors are showing the situation so the world understands the seriousness

Sky News / ENEX

Sky News , the only people, been allowed to enter the epicenter of the coronavirus in Italy – the Papa Giovanni XXII hospital in Bergamo.

The hallways are filled with beds with men and women fighting for their lives.

Patients breathe, breathe and have to rely on the respirators to fill their lungs with life-giving oxygen.

The British television station Sky News has been the only one allowed to enter the epicenter of the coronas virus that is currently ravaging northern Italy and is threatening to collapse the country’s health system.

Photo: Sky News / ENEX

Bones in 24 hours

At the Papa Giovanni XXII hospital in Bergamo, the employees fight a war to keep alive the many coronas infected who are hospitalized daily.

A war they are losing right now.

In the last 24 hours alone, 793 coronas have died in Italy – the vast majority in the northern part of the country. In total, 4825 Italians have lost their lives to covid-19.

Photo: Sky News / ENEX

Bergamo is the most affected city in Italy. And it is clearly felt in the Papa Giovanni XXII hospital, one of Europe’s most modern.

The waiting rooms have been transformed into bed rooms, where the sound of pumping ventilators and monotonously beeping monitoring machines mixes with the employees’ despairing, loud communication.

Sending a warning

It looks like an intensive care unit, but it’s not – it’s the emergency room where people with symptoms of covid-19 come in.

The intensive care unit is already crowded and there is no time to waste. That is why doctors and nurses begin treating patients as soon as they have arrived at the emergency room.

The Bergamo City Council has, for the first time since the epidemic broke out in Italy, invited the press inside the hospital of death.

They want the world to see how serious the situation is.

  • Shut down your countries right now so you don’t get into this situation, which is very, very difficult to cope with, says anesthetist Lorenzo Grazioli to Sky News.
  • I’ve never been so stressed throughout my life, and I’m used to working under pressure and making difficult decisions. But when you reach this, you realize that it is not enough. We are doing our best, but it is not enough

We pay the price

There is no excuse for the outside world not knowing better, Grazioli states.

  • We did not, and we pay that price for now.

The seriously ill patients are equipped with a form of oxygen cap that encloses their head. They help stabilize the air pressure in patients’ lungs.

Roberto Cosentini’s chief physician at the Bergamo Hospital emphasizes that covid-19 cannot be compared to a common flu:

  • It is a serious pneumonia, and it is a huge burden for any health system, because we get between 50 and 60 patients every day with a pneumonia that is so severe that they need large amounts of oxygen.

“So we’ve had to reorganize and adapt so that we now have an intensive care unit on all three floors,”

Roberto Cosentini told Sky News.

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